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FRIDAY, 5th OCTOBER 2018  From 7pm to 3am

An event evento that anticipates and completes the well-known Nuit Blanche of the city, giving space to the artistic creativity of the city with music, installations, photography, painting, mosaic, dance, urban regeneration and - of course - good food in the City Dock of Ravenna.

 Subway of Piazzale Aldo Moro  From 7pm to 10pm
Sotto Suono. Passaggio sonoro, 80 metri verso il mare
Audio-itinerary in the subway that will lead all participants from the city centre to the City Dock of Ravenna
Organised by Panda Project. Reservations:

From the Darsena Pop Up to the installation L’Isola e Il Campo  From 8.30pm to 10.30pm
Ritorno a Oriente: il viaggio e l’incontro attraverso il percorso della Darsena
An itinerary in three acts across dance, theatre and music, will take the viewers on an experimental "journey"
Organised by Ra-dici Association in collaboration with Anime Specchianti and Arama Ensemble.

Artificerie Almagià - Via dell' Almagià 50  At 9.30pm
Organised by Cultural Association Nervitesi of Carla Rizzu. The language of dance and theatre is brought to the stage to denounce the issue of pollution. With Grimaldi Capitello, Serena Fossanova, Linda Ricci and Carla Rizzu. Music by Bruno Dorella 

 Artificerie Almagià - Via dell' Almagià 50  From 10pm to 3am
At 10pm  Dj mix warm up Bangutot by Club Adriatico
From 11pm to 2am  LUMEN live With Luigi De Angelis and Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio
From 2am to 3am  Dj mix by Pit of Club Adriatico
Organised by E-Production


Darsena PopUp • At 5pm
Le Arti della Marionetta (30th edition)
Inauguration of Stagione di Teatro for kids and families. Organised by Teatro del Drago

 MAG Magazzeno Art Gallery - Via Magazzini Posteriori 37  From 6pm to 24am
Collettiva Subsidenze
Street art exhibition curated by Marco Miccoli (Bonobolabo). who will also present the Darsena City Map

Motonave Stella Polare (testata Darsena)  Dalle 18
Exhibition Insetti e Fiori
Opening of the photographic by Roberto Pieri with Aperitif. Flowers arrangements by Rosa Scarlatta

• Tabeerna - Via Magazzini Posteriori 59  From 8.30pm to 10pm
Live concert of Aldi dallo Spazio
In collaboration with Circolo Arci DOCK61

Ristorante Alchimia - Via Magazzini Anteriori, 31  Over the evening
Exhibition of The Normandy Landing
A Photographic exhibition by Roberto Pieri with a menu inspired by The Normandy Landing

• Barnum Pub - Via Magazzini Posteriori, 18  At 10pm
Opening of the exhibition I am not what I am
A Photographic exhibition by Enrico Fedrigoli

Notte D'Oro Off has been realised thanks to the project Creative Spirits, s part of the programme URBACT III.Europea